Horizon Masonry Restoration, Inc. will assess your property and propose the best cleaning & maintenance methods based on they type of masonry being cleaned and the contaminant or damage being removed or repaired.

All site work is completed by professional field workers who are fully trained and qualified to use specialized cleaning agents and techniques without risk of damage to surfaces.

Our Services

Grind and Repoint

Remove old and deteriorated mortar and replace with new mortar to ensure life of structure and prevent leaks

Brick and Block Replacement

When repointing isn’t enough, we can replace unites individually that have been damaged or deteriated


We will dismantle and rebuild masonry back to new and original conditions


We caulk new building/site work and we can remove old sealants and replace with new sealant ie windows, doors, louvers, control joints etc.


Foundations Block and concrete. Liquid membranes and sheet goods

Air/Vapor Barriers

Liquid applied and sheet goods

Water Repellants

Spray on products for masonry to shed water away and protect

Basement/Foundation Leak Repairs

Concrete injection or crystalline waterplugs

Thurwall Flashing

Installing for new roofs into existing masonry to shed water and prevent damage

Stone Reconstruction and Repair

Specializing in dismantle and reconstruction

Stone Patching

Using special products to patch in place instead of replacing unit (certified in Jahn and US Hearitage patching compounds)


Repair and replacement

Concrete Repair

Using products to repair spalling/cracked concrete

Traffic Coatings

Industrial and Parking Ramps

Expansion Joints

Certified with Watson Bowman

Masonry Coatings

Protect your masonry

Exploratory work

Surveying buildings to find problems and suggesting solutions

Masonry Cleaning/Paint Stripping

Revive your masonry

Safety First Environment

Horizon Masonry Restoration, Inc. is committed to providing a safe work environment through the education of all our employees. Safety meeting are conducted weekly at each job site. All field employees have completed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Safety and Fall Protection Course

Superior Craftsmanship

Horizon Masonry Restoration is a full service exterior masonry restoration and maintenance company servicing the greater Buffalo NY area. Servicing both public and private clients. We specialize in exterior and interior masonry restoration, new construction, caulking and waterproofing. We maintain our upstanding reputation because of our devoted commitment to exceeding clients’ expectations.

Contact Us

To schedule a free building analysis with a licensed restoration specialist, contact us:


Horizon Masonry Restoration, Inc
40 Appenheimer Avenue
Buffalo NY 14214

Phone: (716) 895-9900

Fax: (716) 896-0576

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